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New Beginnings in a New Hood

On Sunday I moved into a new spot in the city, opening up a whole new solar system of San Francisco, obviously filled with ridiculous experiences awaiting me. I mean, my new place is only a 10 minute walk from the Castro, which is a planet of entertainment on its own. My first smiles sparked … Continue reading

I LOVE My Mom Too!

Walking along Divisadero on a sunny Saturday morning, I decided to give my mom a ring as it had been ages since we last caught up. Since I’m obsessed with time efficiency, I decided to multi-task, with the first errand being grocery shopping. Yes, I was that annoying person at the check out who is … Continue reading

She’s Touching Me…..

Another bus full of tales is the 71. Mapping its course from the Financial District through the Haight then along Golden Gate Park, and off to the Sunset, you’re bound to bump into characters even if you try really hard not too, well at least that has been my experience. Squeezing my way onto the … Continue reading

High Fives in the City

High fives never get old, especially when I get one from a homeless guy as I’m running through the city. This city makes me smile every┬áday.

Unsolicited High Fives

Cycling along the ocean, most walkers seem to blend into the scenery: focused and brisk, their movements melt into the landscape like a tree or bush blowing in the wind. Consequently I usually just wiz right past walkers without really noticing them unless they’re in my way. But today was different. While every other walker … Continue reading