Go Go, Get it Get it, Gurl…

Like many of my adventures, it all begins with a run.

This morning I was running through Golden Gate Park and the conditions were good–the sun was shining, people were pleasant, so no real craziness to report. Rounding back through the Pan Handle I actually started to think to myself, ‘This is actually a quite normal day,’ and for a split second I felt a bit disappointed, like I was hoping for something to pop out and give me my laugh for the day. And that’s when it came. That split-second disappointment was like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man of Ghostbusters: it summoned the San Francisco gods of craze and presented me with my deepest desire– a ridiculous encounter.

Seconds later my wish was granted. As I ran past the basketball courts in the Pan Handle, a bum started singing to me while the rest of his crew did its thing: “Go go, get it, get it, go go, get it, get it, guuuuurl.” He then cracked open his can of Tecate, raised his beer to me, and chuckled. It was 8am.

This city makes me smile every day.