The Curious Case of the Chihuahua Walker

I’ve noticed a trend, one that I’ll probably only ever see in San Francisco.

Every morning around 9am a man goes out for a stroll in The Panhandle. But this is not your average stroll. No, no. This man’s daily walk is far from average. I honestly can’t tell if he’s a dog walker or just a man obsessed with chihuahuas, but several details of his routine suggest he’s leaning towards the latter. This is what I observe nearly every single time I go for a run or bike ride through The Panhandle at 9:30am:

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 3.21.15 PMA man, often wearing capris and a sunhat of sorts, is walking TEN chihuahuas. Five of these chihuahuas are on a leash, leading the pack. The other five chihuahuas are watching their spry brethren from above, as they are pulled in a red Radio Flyer “All-Terrain Cargo Wagon”. (The Panhandle is a wild landscape, so these chihuahuas must be prepared for the heart of darkness).

Perhaps next time I see this man I will ask whether those are his chihuahuas or if he is just a dog walker who specializes in chihuahuas.

This city makes me smile every day.