Spinning in the Sun

A one-legged twirl with a kick.
Matched in grace by a seamless transition into a single leg high-kneed spin.
Airplane arms.

Another spin, another kick.
But not just one kick, this man is counting—
One finger up as one high-legged kick unwinds in a counter clockwise direction.
Two fingers up as the second high-legged kick spins the man around the other way.
A circular revolution on the tippy toes of one foot.

Twirl completed.

Shimmy and shake, and off into another high-kneed twirl.
High kick, spinning fast.
High kick, twirling back around.

With conviction, and a childish sense of bliss and oblivion,
A man spun in the sun in Dolores Park—all day, all by himself, with no music or beat other than the chitter chatter of the park.

This is why I started this blog. (watch video)

This city makes me smile every day.